Yn Chruinnaght 2018

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Yn Chruinnaght 2018

The team at Thornton are proud to have been a sponsor of the concert held on the 11th of July as part of the 40th anniversary of Yn Chruinnaght (“The Gathering”) which was a huge success.

We were delighted to bring with us as guests some of the founding members of Yn Chruinnaght: Dr Fenella Bazin, Ann Fehle (her husband Gus was a founding director) and Malcolm Hannan.

“It was absolutely wonderful and great music. What a delight it is to see old friends and to enjoy the progress of our great Festival.  I feel so proud to have had a small part in its beginnings.” -Ann Fehle

“What a memorable celebration it was last night. It’s wonderful to see how far the Chruinnaght has gone in 40 years. The gathering brought back so many memories, from the earliest competitions and concerts” -Dr Fenella Bazin

The event is a celebration of all things Celtic, so we were treated to Mera Royle’s beautiful harp music to begin with; and after a short interval, Imar’s upbeat folk songs excited the crowd, and brought the evening to a cheerful close, leaving all audience members feeling enthused about our Island’s Celtic heritage and the talented musicians that it has produced.

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