Managing Director & Chartered Financial Planner

Isle of Man born, Sharon began her career in financial services at Barclays Bank since going to University in the UK was an unaffordable option for many Manx families in 1984 – and anyway she preferred playing sport and music to academic studies!  The mid 80’s was exactly when the Isle of Man took off as an offshore financial centre and she will be forever grateful for the opportunities it has and continues to bring to the local population. The bank gave her many customer facing and service based roles, including  latterly as an IFA for BISCO in the mid 90’s.

Thornton was founded  in 2000 after BISCO was disbanded and outsourced as a non-core bank function.

She became The Isle of Man’s first Chartered Financial Planner in 2009 and is one of only 5,000 in the British Isles today. Sharon was responsible for setting up the Personal Finance Society Isle of Man Region in 2009, serving as Chairman for three years. In 2011 she became Fellow of the Personal Finance Society.

Sharon was appointed to the national Personal Finance Society Board in 2012 and in 2013 became nominated Director, Vice President in 2014 and finally stepped up to President of the Personal Finance Society in September 2017. Sharon is also past-President, Isle of Man Insurance & Financial Services Institute, the local Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). The CII is the awarding institute of Chartered Financial Planner status.

Sharon has always led by example to promote professionalism within the local Independent Financial Adviser community for the benefit of the consumer, and has been a major supporter of Treating Customers Fairly, working with the local Regulator, the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority to ensure the implementation of Manx Retail Distribution Review and Statements of Professional Standing to ensure all member of the local financial adviser community obtain and maintain minimum standards of qualifications and Continuing Professional Development. Sharon regularly works with accountancy and legal practitioners on a collaborative basis.

Married to fellow director Jools, Sharon is a keen cyclist and competed in the 2002 Commonwealth games. She was a long serving member of Isle of Man Sport formerly the Isle of Man Sports Council, and Vice Chair of the Sport Aid Committee with responsibility for running the Isle of Man Sport Institute facility between 2000 and 2012.

Sharon and Jools have a young son, Luke who, like his parents, aspires to be a decent skier, something he practises on regular visits to see other family members in Colorado. He’s now better than both Sharon and Jools.

Sharon’s favourite place on the Isle of Man is Peel Hill. She loves running up it as fast as possible with Jools and Luke, and thinking they have reached the top but it’s just the plateau and there is more to go. Then it’s the descent; again as fast as possible with lots of laughing and always letting Jools win. The reward is an ice cream for all at the bottom from Davisons’ Ice Cream Parlour on the promenade.

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