Sharon Sutton on stage at Wembley finance event

Sharon Sutton on stage at Wembley finance event

Sharon also takes on role chairing new Financial Planning Panel

Our Managing Director and Vice President of the Personal Financial Society, Sharon Sutton, joined a practitioner panel at the Personal Finance Society’s National Symposium at Wembley Stadium on 24 November 2016, an event attended by over 600 financial planning professionals and trended on Twitter at one point with 60,000 tweets @pfsconf #pfsstory

With Financial Planning the Symposium’s key theme, Sharon fielded questions about best practices in financial planning and the key role financial planning has to play in people’s lives.

Personal Financial Planning is a real game changer,” says Sharon. “People don’t want a collection of financial products, they need to know how much money they need to maintain their desired lifestyle without fear of running out of money or dying with too much. One of our key goals at Thornton Chartered Financial Planners and at the Personal Finance Society is to make as many people aware of Financial Planning as possible so that they get the right kind of financial advice. The kind of advice that can make a real difference to their lives.

To this end, Sharon is now Chair of a New Financial Planning Panel set up by the Personal Finance Society to communicate the message of Financial Planning far and wide. Work begins now and will continue when Sharon becomes President of the Personal Finance Society in September 2017.

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