Loving the peace and tranquility of the Isle of Man

Our accountant recommended Sharon when we retired to the Island from Belfast in 2002 and we have been friends ever since. She looks after the lot and if she doesn’t know something, she will know someone who does. We found the lifetime projections very useful in terms of knowing what we have and haven’t got and how to organise ourselves well into the future.

We came to the Isle of Man not knowing anyone and feel lucky to have met Sharon when we did. We are very pleased and enjoy all our contact with Thornton.

We love the peace and tranquility of the Isle of Man. There is no hassle and it’s very relaxed. It’s a bit ‘if you can do it tomorrow, why do it today?’ when you can be enjoying eating ice cream, watching the seals in the waters around the Sound, the Wildlife Park at Peel and the many lovely restaurants. The Tourist Board should be paying me! I love taking our visitors around all the sites.