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Business Owners

If you’re a business owner we can help you work out “your number” with an exercise to help calculate how much you need to sell your business for to secure your future. In fact this exercise could help you create a plan for your business – or refine your exit strategy.

We have worked with a number of successful local business owners for many years, often in conjunction with their accountant, tax adviser or lawyer. Based on our experience of working with such people, the following questions may be important to you in your choice of financial planning firm:

  • Is my planner interested and engaged in my business?
  • Do they properly understand my financial planning needs and have my best interests at heart?
  • Can I do business on my terms, when I want to and can I contact them easily?
  • Can they talk to me in my own terms about my finances to the degree that I want them to, and can they read my balance sheet?
  • Furthermore, can they understand that I take a close involvement with my finances as a detail-oriented person?
  • Or that by contrast I’m a “delegator”, and I’m happy to trust them to do the work while I focus on doing the things I like doing?


The type of service that business owners often want from us include:

  • Answering the big question; will my family and I be ok?
  • Preserving, protecting and growing my wealth, centred around sensible tax planning
  • Helping me pass on my wealth efficiently to family, hopefully whilst I can be around to see the fruits of my hard work pay off
  • Helping me identify and implement social and charitable legacy support
  • Working with my other professionals (for example accountant / lawyer) collaboratively for mine and my family’s benefit.
  • Simplifying my investment and financial reporting.