One Life

Retirement may last as long as your working years

It’s quite a thought. Official figures forecast that more than 10 million people living in the UK today will reach their 100th birthdays. About 11,800 people alive today have reached that milestone and in around 50 years time that number will have swelled to half a million. Our slower pace on the Isle of Man is especially conducive to this longer life.

So what is it you really want to do with all those years and how much money will you need? What about your children? Grandchildren? What kind of life may they look forward to? And what about your parents and elderly relatives? Financial Planning is a wise idea. Lifestyle Financial Planning is an even better one.

Lifestyle Financial Planning is not about selling you a financial product; its about supporting you through life. It’s about spending time listening to what you want to do and helping you make the right decisions at the key stages in both your and your family’s lifetimes.