Community Investment & Corporate Social Responsibility

As an island business, one that has enjoyed the many benefits of living and working here, we are committed to giving back to our community and managing our business responsibly. This page outlines what we do, what we believe in and how we aim to make a positive contribution to our society.

Community Investment

We enjoy being involved with the community by sponsoring or donating to a number of local events, for example the Yn Chruinnaght Celtic Gathering concert by Imar, Young Singer of Mann and Swim Safe run by the RNLI, as well as joining the NFU stand at the Southern and Royal Agricultural Shows.

Find out about our upcoming events by visiting our Facebook page for regular updates.


Island Sport

Founder Sharon and Director Jools both have achieved success in sporting fields on and for the Isle of Man, which underpins their commitment to supporting island sport now and into the future.

Sharon is a keen cyclist and competed in the 2002 Commonwealth Games. She was a long serving member of Isle of Man Sport formerly the Isle of Man Sports Council, and Vice Chair of the Sport Aid Committee with responsibility for running the Isle of Man Sport Institute facility between 2000 and 2012.

Jools has also reached the pinnacle of his sport, having won the Isle of Man Golf Championship eight times. In 2006, he qualified for the British Seniors’ Open at Turnberry.

Island sport has been a major part of our social lives and has allowed us to compete at the highest levels. But sport is much more than just competing, it is a lifestyle choice that leads to better health, and generally happiness. This is why we look to support island sport wherever we can as we believe it is a fundamental bedrock of a strong, engaged and positive society.

Sharon Sutton, Managing Director.


Pictured in the image above are Will Draper (left), Sharon Sutton (centre) and Matt Draper (right).
Matt rode in the Commonwealth Games in Australia and Thornton supported him with some travelling expenses.
Will spent last summer helping us with office tasks to supplement his training.

We have since been proud to support and sponsor him in his cycling career; you can find out more by watching the video.

The Arts

The island has a rich culture and heritage and an acclaimed arts scene covering all aspects including music, theatre, film and art. We believe this is an essential balance to our sporting commitments as we are defined as a nation by our culture.

The Isle of Man Arts Council is a strong and vibrant part of the community that touches many lives, and perhaps they explain the importance of ‘art’ in society best:

We know that the arts can provide leisure activities and entertainment for many. It is easy to assume that the arts play a part in our lives only as a hobby or a night out when actually the arts are intrinsic to our way of life, our education, health and wellbeing. It is through pictures and storytelling that we first learn about history, our culture and what defines us as a nation.

More Information

The Isle of Man

Our island home is a truly magical place to live and work.

A strong economy balanced with a unique way of life is one the reasons the island always scores highly in quality of life surveys. Ask any resident who has moved here and you will hear a broad range of reasons; the good schools, health system and general infrastructure as well as stunning countryside, coastline, rich heritage and vibrant cultural scene make for an exceptional place to call home.

For businesses, we have a supportive Government who are easy to contact and offer multiple forms of support, including grants and financial assistance.

All of this rich tapestry has been a part of the island being the first entire jurisdiction to be awarded UNESCO Biosphere status.