Enjoying a balanced life of consultancy, hobbies and community projects

From a ‘fresh start’, on retirement to the Isle of Man, I was able to give Sharon our vision, aims and objectives for the next twenty years, and provide capital and revenue expectations for our investments, earnings, inheritances  and expenditure. As well as meeting our requirements Sharon has given us reassurance, that our financial circumstances are realistic, well under control and realiseable.

Both my wife and I are very happy to let Sharon handle our affairs, including our succession planning. Not only have we had help with the older generation but the younger generation too.

Allowing this to Thornton, enables me to enjoy a balanced diet of consultancy, hobbies and community work which keeps me active in mind and spirit; especially as I’ve worked with three charities; sailing, manufacturing and more recently helping a fledgling charity, Manx Carriage Driving 4 the Disabled get started. As well as raising substantial sums for all three charities, I’ve been able to use my experience; sailing skills, marketing knowledge and PR and sales enthusiasm, all to good effect.

Due, in no small measure, to the fact I’m not worrying, day to day or month to month, about finances!