Lifestyle Financial Planning

Supporting you through life

Many of us have basic budget planners to monitor earnings and outgoings on a regular basis but don’t spend time thinking about the longer term picture. There are assets, investments, high levels of income but what does it mean? We call our service Lifestyle Financial Planning because it is about planning and using your finances to support the lifestyle you choose.

We all wish for different things. Whether it’s skiing from the top of the highest mountain, playing in a rock band, gardening or supporting your family, it’s important to look at how what you do today can impact tomorrow.

Lifetime Cash Flow Planning

By putting all your key information into our Lifetime Cash Flow Planning tool, we can help you visualise how things may be in the long-term and show how near or how far you are from your ideal financial situation.

Our five step process
  1. A complimentary, no obligation, get to know you meeting
  2. A Client Agreement detailing the terms and scope of our engagement, outlining roles, responsibilities, deliverables and fees
  3. A Financial Planning Report that lays out all your existing arrangements and sets out your Financial Plan
  4. The implementation of what we have agreed together
  5. Our ongoing service that provides advice as and when you need it and revisits and reviews your Financial Plan at regular intervals.
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