Client Support

David is Manx born & grew up in Port Erin. He attended Castle Rushen High School.

David worked at the local airport as a team supervisor gaining a qualification in weight and balance of aircrafts, a position that was held for four years.

David moved to Lloyds Bank International in 2010 as a contact centre agent and progressed quickly through the bank gaining invaluable experience in compliance, banking and regulations.

In 2015 David joined Thornton’s Client Support Team and he is currently studying the Regulated Diploma in Financial Advice.

David’s interests include socialising with family & friends, spending time with his son Ruben and supporting and traveling to football matches.

David’s favourite place is Cashtal yn Ard, the Castle of the Heights. A well preserved, chambered tomb situated on raised land overlooking the parish of Maughold, it is one of the most impressive ancient monuments on the Isle of Man and the largest Neolithic tomb in the British Isles.

The monument was originally a megalithic chambered cairn – a conical heap of stones built as a landmark – and could have been used as a communal burial place for Neolithic chieftans and their families.

Cashtal yn Ard dates back to around 2000 BC and although the stone cairn has been stripped away, the large, firmly set stones create a dramatic burial site.