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It's all about you.

To you, there are rarely more important aspects of life than enhancing the lives of you and your family, perhaps also including the future generations to come. To you, money is merely the fuel to ensure that your personal aspirations can be met.

You are looking for a financial adviser who listens and who ‘gets’ you, understanding your circumstances intuitively. Your life and finances are pretty good on the surface, but really, deep down, you don’t understand what you have or how it works, and especially where you’re currently heading financially: You would love the independence and control of knowing. You could well be facing a significant life transition such as retirement or the sale of your business, or you simply may want to have an honest conversation and feel that your very best interests are being taken care of, freeing up more time to focus on the other important things in life.

Naturally, you may be a delegator, preferring to work alongside a trusted financial adviser who acts as a personal financial coach, discussing, sharing, collaborating and problem-solving. You don’t want to be sold anything, let alone “stuff” and have realised that these outcomes can’t be met on a mass-market level.

Thornton is bespoke, serving a few rather than the many, to ensure you are given the personal attention you need.

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Personal service

If you are looking for a different level of service for you, your family and your financial affairs, we very much look forward to meeting you soon.

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Financial services

Our core range of services covers everything from financial planning to family protection. However, due to the very personal and intimate nature of our relationship with our clients, we are always on hand for support in many areas, with a strong referral network where required.

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