Thornton team escape to the country!

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Thornton team escape to the country!

Established by founder and Managing Director Sharon Sutton in 2000, Thornton Chartered Financial Planners have for many years operated from offices in the capital, Douglas, but in a bold move have completed their own ‘escape to the country’.

“We leased our Athol Street offices from KPMG, who approached us last year as they were going through their own exciting expansion and required additional space.” explained MD Sharon Sutton. “This was the catalyst for us to finally decide where we wanted to move our business to, and we already had a few ideas in mind.”

“Our clients had always found the difficulty in parking troublesome, so we had already made the biggest, and perhaps scariest, decision to move out of town. The only reason we are here in business is because of our clients, so it felt right to put their needs before our own. As it happens, the final solution is something that we love as much as the first few visiting clients have.”

Having held various meetings and seminars at the historic St John’s Mill building, just past the popular Tynwald Mills, a chance meeting with the Trustees and Management team of the popular venue led to talks about taking the under-utilised top floor.

“The relationship we have with our clients is often quite intimate, and having a central Douglas address actually did little for our business or clients, many of whom would much rather visit a serene, tranquil location like St John’s Mill, especially with the facility of parking right outside. We rarely had walk-in business and most of our client meetings will run for at least 2 hours, so coming to this beautiful location, and then maybe spending time in Tynwald Mills, is a joy rather than a chore.”

“From a team point of view, St John’s is a great central location and easily accessible for all. After our first few days in situ, we really couldn’t be happier. The peaceful, idyllic surroundings, from the historic waterwheel to the wildflower garden, are a pleasure to work in. So far, escaping to the country is probably the best thing we could have done.”

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